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Karol Mercurio, President/Sr. Consultant

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I have been in the franchise industry for over 30 years and have owned and operated my own franchise consulting company for the past 20 years advising and coaching people in the world of franchising. I have been where you are now and have felt many fears concerning my future and financial destiny. I want to share my success and passion for franchising with you. I sincerely believe that based upon my personal experience, owning a franchise is the best way to go for a business owner.

What's My Experience?

Let's start at the beginning. I started my career in the franchise industry working for Nutri/System, a billion dollar international franchised weight loss company with more than 1,500 company and franchised units nationwide. During my 12 years with the company, I was responsible for developing and delivering training programs to the new franchisees. My position gave me the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and Canada to visit franchised locations to evaluate their store production while providing the necessary tools to allow franchisees to reach their highest revenue production.

In 1998 I joined Great Clips as their Franchise Development Manager for the Mid-Atlantic region. In this role, I was responsible for selling the franchise opportunity to prospects in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington and Virginia.

In June of 2000 I decided to put my franchise knowledge into helping people find franchise opportunities that met their personal criteria and aspirations and became a franchise consultant. As a franchise consultant I have placed countless people in their own business and enhanced their quality of life. This has been the most rewarding job in my career. I believe life is experiential. It's difficult to advise others when you've never walked a mile in their shoes. You don't understand an experience until you've lived it yourself. Now, being self-employed and running my own business, I truly understand the magnitude of the decision to be in business for yourself and what it feels like to leave the so called "security" of the corporate world behind to manage your own success. I have now placed my destiny in my own hands and take great personal pride in my accomplishments.

What Are My Credentials?

As a start, I have over 30 years of franchising experience. I have been featured twice on Franchise World Talk Radio, highlighted on Oprah.com in their business section as well as Fox Business News, American Express Forum and the talk radio show Women Enjoying Success. In addition, I travel throughout the United States conducting seminars entitled "Is Franchising Right For You", to educate people in determining if franchising is the right next career path to explore.

So, With All This Experience, How Can I Help You?

As a seasoned consultant with Franchise Destinations , I am ready to put my 30 plus years of franchise experience and success at your disposal. I will help you attain a piece of the "American Dream" of being a successful business owner. I am looking forward to speaking with you and matching you to the perfect franchise company to suit your personal criteria. Feel free to contact me at: kmercurio@franchisedestinations.com or, let's talk by calling my toll free number 888-818-3728 (FRAN)